Crypto Research
Welcome to Crypto Research.
It’s not quite ready yet, but we are working hard on it!
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What is Crypto Research?


There are many Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts, Developers, Investors, and Traders within our Discord Community


Follow certain news scrapers, get true prices from exchanges on coins, follow updates on coins, and more!


Connect with our Database to gather information on coins and scam reports, along with being able to submit reports.

Our databases have massive amounts of coins listed in them, and members may add any coins at any time. Members may also update the coin's information at anytime as well. All coins added are subject to people's personal opinion's and may receive a 'risky' vote by the communtity.
Cryptocurrency projects, Crypto-Discords, and Other Cryptocurrency related media have been directly networked with Crypto Research and we offer a live stream of information directly from their sources.
Our network and community are skilled at recognizing scammers and our databases contain reports on Discord Users, Twitter Users, Websites, Bad Crypto Addresses, Bad Wallets, and scam-trends.
Anti-Scammer / Anti-Spammer Protection

We allow people to report obvious scammers/scams through out the Cryptocurrency Universe. These reports range from people, to websites, to addresses, and to programs. All reports must be submitted with proof and are subject to approval.

Automated Services

When you Network with our Bot through Discord, your Discord will be protected against known-scammers in our database as well as tracking possible staff impersonators within your community.

Discord Statistics

Help manage your Discord better with insights into your community.

* Access for Networked Discord Servers Only

Crypto Research Network

Crypto Research Service Down Crypto Research Network Service Down Service Maintenence in Progress Server Migration in Progress

Expect Service Outage Due to Upgrades

While we are working on getting the service back up an running, you may apply to become part of our network.

At the moment we are a Discord-Based Service, but we are also working on integrating with other Social Media Platforms.

If your server has already been networked with our service, please view the information in the next section below.


  • Must be a Cryptocurrency related Discord-Server
  • Applicant Must be a Staff Member with Enough Permissions to Add the Bot to the Server
  • Applicant Must be a Member of the Crypto Research Discord Server


0.00005620 BTC / MIDAS


StakeNet (XSN)


0.00000057 BTC / TRTT


0.00000002 BTC / XORN

Xuma (XMX)

Already Networked Servers

Re-Connecting with Crypto Research Network

Please visit our Discord and use the command !token to receive a Token. Once you have your Token, use it along with your Discord ID to Log in to your Dashboard.